Top Engineering Organizations in Ireland

Engineering Infrastructure

Ireland is a provider of world-class education in different fields and this is evident for all levels starting from childcare education. One of the best college courses offered in different universities and colleges in Ireland is engineering. Civil, Mechanical, Industrial, Computer, and more types of engineering.

The country is also home to some of the top engineering organizations all over the world.There are not many organizations focused on engineering, but the few that exist, are recognized for their high-standards and contribution to education and application.

These organizations also provide the best engineering forums and conferences in the country. They also conduct their research and help other institutes as well with data sharing and management.

Institution of Engineers of Ireland (IEI)

IEI is the second oldest engineering organization in Ireland and Great Britain. It was founded back in 1835 as the Civil Engineers Society of Ireland. The IEI is focused on furthering engineering in all of its forms in Ireland.

One of its main missions is to improve the quality of education of engineering for all students in Ireland.

This organization is also called Engineers Ireland and has more than 25,000 members.

They are also the one who established the CPD or Continuing Professional Development in the country. This program helps engineers, both students and graduates find opportunities and capitalize on them.

Every year, the IEI holds conferences and focus groups all over the top universities in the country including University College Cork, Trinity College Dublin, and the National University of Ireland.

“We have been representing the engineering profession since 1835, making us one of the oldest and largest professional bodies in Ireland. Our members come from every discipline of engineering and range from students to fellows of the profession.” – IEI

Top Engineering Organizations in Ireland business people - Top Engineering Organizations in Ireland

Waterford Institute of Technology

Waterford is an institution focused on education. It is state-funded meaning students can receive free education from it. It is situated in the city of Waterford. This institution has one of the most advanced research centres in all of Ireland.

They have quite the research program not only for engineering but for other fields as well. Their engineering research program is working hand in hand with Ireland’s very own TSSG or Telecommunications Software & Systems Group.

If you want the latest updates in engineering research, Waterford is where you will get the information you need.

Jones Engineering

Jones is another top player of Engineering in Ireland. Their expertise includes mechanical, electrical, and fire protection. Jones is mainly focused on not only promoting engineering as a whole but also establishing sustainability and safety for it.

They also cover offsite fabrication, turnkey contracting, specialist rigging, maintenance, Geo surveying, and of course, BioEnergy. This organization, believe it or not, was founded by a plumber by the name Harry Austin O’Neil.

Harry went to the USA to seek job opportunities and there he was able to expand his knowledge and skills not only in plumbing. Instead of setting up roots there, he came back to Dublin and decided to share everything he knows at home.

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