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About Us - About Us

Bridge and Concrete Research in Ireland or BCRI is a leader when it comes to educating the next generation of engineers and builders in the country. The magazine was founded back in 2012 by then sawing machine operator Alex Pollard.

Alex Pollard

Alex Pollard has been working for more than a decade as a saw machine operator at a local glass production site. He was also in charge of quality assurance and he is good at what he does.

Pollard never finished college and he didn’t get a pick of jobs when he got older. But Pollard made it through with his knowledge and experience when it comes to anything related to construction and engineering.

Creating the Magazine back in 2012

Pollard was also tasked to teach new workers about the basics of construction, engineering, material estimation, and quality assurance. Because of Pollard, the company he was working for was known for its high standard of service and access to quality materials.

Pollard then decided to share all of his knowledge to as many people as possible. Back then, it was hard to establish yourself as a YouTube personality, unlike today. So, Pollard created an online magazine with the help of some local IT experts.

The Magazine Today

Today, the magazine has more than 100,000 readers. On average, we record at least 27,000 readers daily. BCRI is one of the most recognized construction and engineering magazines in all of Ireland.

The magazine has been featured on other manufacturing and technology magazines in and out of the country. To this day, Pollard continues to educate the next generation of construction and engineering professionals.

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